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The France 98 jersey, from Zidane's France team.

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Considered as the most important jersey in the football's France history, 1998 is the France's year. The France 98 jersey, worn by Zinedine Zidane during the 1998 FIFA World Cup , saw him score twice from the head against the legendary Brazil, bringing the mythical victory of the blues of Zizou. This victory for the blues has remained in the legend until today, well after the second victory of the Blues in 2018.

France 98 jersey

We are on July 12, 1998. It is precisely 9:46 p.m., when on a corner kick masterfully taken by Youri Djorkaeff, Zinedine Zidane appears from nowhere at the near post of Taffarel's cages, and propels the ball into the back of the Brazilian net. France leads 2-0 and the France 98 jersey with number 10 tricolor becomes a legend forever. Since then, collectors around the world have been snapping up the French team 98 jersey, still today considered THE football jersey to have in your closet. But much more than the France 98 jersey , it is that of the leader of the French Football Team, having won the World Cup, which the whole world is trying to seize: the Zidane France 98 jersey.

On a double header from Zidane , the France 98 jersey has become a must-have for any fan nostalgic for the victory of the French team at the 1998 Football World Cup . But a few years later, the France 98 jersey has become a commodity as rare as gold, becoming a collector's jersey that any collector of football shirts would love to have in their collection!

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